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Get to know  nicotine


Nicotine is addictive and one of the main reasons people smoke, but contrary to popular belief, it’s not the primary cause of smoking-related diseases. These are caused by the high levels of toxins released in tobacco smoke.

It's always best to quit tobacco and nicotine completely, but smokers who don’t should know that smoke-free products that do not burn, produce smoke or ash exist in Canada today.


Quitting is the best choice


However, many myths and misconceptions about nicotine are often preventing people from considering smoke-free alternatives over continued smoking. Clearing them up can help adult smokers make informed decisions for their health.

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Why do smoke-free products contain nicotine?


The reasons why people smoke are complex, covering many aspects from ritual and taste to sensory experience.  

Nicotine is an important part of this mix for many smokers, and most who choose not to quit are only likely to consider different options if smoke-free products act as a satisfactory alternative*. 


* Smoke-free products are not risk-free and provide nicotine which is addictive.  

How does nicotine affect the body?

Nicotine is addictive and one of the reasons why people smoke.

It can enter the body in many ways, for example through inhalation or the mouth or skin. Once absorbed, it enters the bloodstream and reaches the brain. In the brain, it triggers the release of a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine plays a role in how we feel pleasure, and how nerve cells send messages to each other, but it can also increase heart rate and blood pressure. The effects of nicotine on the body are reversible once one stops using nicotine-containing products.


Quitting is best

Quitting is always the best choice anyone can make, but the reality is that many don’t.  Existing adult smokers should have the facts they need to make informed decisions for their health.  

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Burning is the problem

In a cigarette, tobacco burns at a high temperature creating smoke and this smoke contains high levels of many harmful chemicals.


Better without smoke

The most harmful thing about smoking is the smoke itself and it is the high levels of harmful chemicals in smoke that are the main cause of smoking-related diseases.


Smokers can make a better choice

Quitting is always best. For adult smokers who don't quit, smoke-free alternatives are a much better choice than continuing to smoke cigarettes. 

In a cigarette, tobacco burns at a high temperature creating smoke and this smoke contains high levels of many harmful chemicals.

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