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Love someone who smokes?

To help a loved one who doesn't quit leave smoke behind, let them know there are potentially less harmful alternatives to continued smoking available today.

Quitting is the best option

The best choice is to quit tobacco and nicotine products altogether.

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The most harmful thing about smoking is smoke itself - not nicotine.

Give your loves ones the facts

Nicotine is addictive and one of the reasons people smoke, but contrary to popular belief, it’s not the primary cause of smoking-related diseases. These are caused by the high levels of toxins released in tobacco smoke. 


As the name suggests, smoke-free alternatives deliver nicotine without smoke, which means those smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke, can now experience tobacco and nicotine without burning, ash, or smoke. 


It's always best to quit tobacco and nicotine completely, but smokers who don’t, should know that smoke-free products exist in Canada today, so they can learn about their options and decide what’s right for them.

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Get to know the facts

We all want the best for those we care about, and existing adult smokers should have the facts they need to make informed decisions for their health.

Find out how you can help your loved ones go smoke-free.

The best thing anyone who smokes can do for themselves is quit – and each year millions successfully do. 

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Burning is the problem

In a cigarette, tobacco burns at a high temperature creating smoke and this smoke contains high levels of many harmful chemicals.


Better without smoke

The most harmful thing about smoking is the smoke itself and it is the high levels of harmful chemicals in smoke that are the main cause of smoking-related diseases.


Get to know nicotine

Nicotine is addictive and not risk-free but it’s not the primary cause of smoking related diseases, smoke is. 

In a cigarette, tobacco burns at a high temperature creating smoke and this smoke contains high levels of many harmful chemicals.

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