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We all have choices


Choices are part of the fabric of everyday life - of course, some are more complex than others. The best choice a smoker can make is always to quit.

Innovative breakthroughs are now offering adult smokers…those who are not yet ready… or who do not want to quit nicotine products altogether… alternatives that remove the smoke. 

That’s right. Most people don’t know there are other options. While addictive and not risk-free, these alternatives provide a choice.

Quitting is the best choice

Quitting cigarettes and nicotine altogether is the best choice a smoker can make.

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When backed by science and made to a high standard, smoke-free products are an alternative to continued smoking that deliver nicotine without burning.   

Burning produces smoke that contains many harmful chemicals, and these chemicals are what primarily cause smoking-related disease.

Giving adults —who would otherwise continue smoking—the option to use products that deliver nicotine in a potentially less harmful way, could encourage them to make better decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

Learn mor about how smoke-free alternatives can end smoking for good.

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