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Unsmoke your world through quitting altogether. If you don't, change from cigarettes to better alternatives to continued smoking.

Community Initiatives

At Unsmoke, a big part of our goal revolves around community engagement and tangible action.  We’re determined to play an active role in communities across Canada to take steps towards our goals. Explore some of our partnerships and initiatives throughout this page.


Our Impact

Every year, we grant thousands of dollars to organizations across Canada to organize litter cleanup events.  In 2022, the Unsmoke Canada Cleanups made a positive impact across Canadian communities including:

The key difference between cigarettes and smoke-free products is that cigarettes burn tobacco and smoke-free products don’t. 

This is important because the smoke from a burning cigarette contains more than 6,000 chemicals, around 100 of which have been classified as harmful or potentially harmful by public health authorities. 

If you eliminate the burning as is the case with smoke-free products, you can significantly reduce the level of harmful chemicals. 

Navigate the community initiatives map across Canadian provinces to find out more in relation to our Unsmoke tree planting and Unsmoke Cleanups activities.


Our Partners

The Great Outdoors Partnership

Unsmoke Canada (linked) and The Great Outdoors Fund (linked) have opened the application process for the fourth annual Unsmoke Canada Cleanups grant-giving program.  This year, $75,000 will be rewarded in grants to organizations across the country.

The national cleanup program is unique in the industry.  Unsmoke Canada and the Great Outdoors Fund are working to reduce litter in the environhment while also working with an industry leader in recycling to recycle all the collected cigarette butts, specifically targeting the filters.

Unsmoke Canada and The Great Outdoors Fund encourage non-profit organizations with a connection to nature, outdoor recreation, outdoor conservation, health and wellness, volunteer engagement, and/or community service to apply for the grant.  Please note that this year’s application process closed on May 5th. Stay tuned for further details!

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