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The Canadian Government has committed to reducing tobacco use in Canada to 5% of the population by 2035. 

#UnsmokeCanada is here to support this goal. 

Join together with over 160,000 Canadians who want Government regulations to keep pace with smoke-free innovation driven by research, science and technology. Updated regulations are needed.

A smoke-free future depends on it.


Reach Your Member of Parliament

All Canadians deserve information about the smoke-free alternatives to smoking cigarettes that are available.

Too few know that it is the harmful chemicals in the smoke of a burning cigarette that are the primary cause of smoking-related diseases, not nicotine.

Cigarettes burn tobacco but smoke-free alternatives – such as heated tobacco products, vapes and oral nicotine products – don’t.

Why are you restricting my access to the best available scientific information? Without this information, I cannot make a fully informed choice based on the relative risk level of each product versus continued smoking.

Current regulations miss an opportunity to ensure Canadians wanting to quit cigarettes have potentially less harmful alternatives.  

While Health Canada has indicated that “switching completely to vaping nicotine is less harmful than continuing to smoke” ­­— regulations fall short of recognizing and properly regulating other smoke-free alternatives such as heated tobacco and nicotine pouches.

I urge you to look into this issue and take action so that Canadians can make informed choices.

Our Shared Vision

We have a bold ambition: We want cigarettes to be replaced by science-based smoke-free products as soon as possible, to the benefit of people who smoke, those who care about them, and public health.

Whether you quit altogether (which is always the best choice) or change to a less harmful alternative, choosing to unsmoke is a step in the right direction.

It’s time for friends, family, and colleagues to come together. To inspire each other. To help each other.

Why not just stop selling cigarettes now?

Discontinuing cigarette sales without addressing the demand for them would not put an end to smoking.  It would simply result in illicit trade and competitors filling the market space.

We are fully committed to doing everything we can to ensure that smoke-free products replace cigarettes as soon as possible.

However, for change of this magnitude to happen, governments have an important role to play and can accelerate switching by ensuring broader access to smoke-free products and reducing unnecessary barriers to better choices.

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