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The Canadian government has committed to reducing tobacco use in Canada to 5% of the population by 2035.

At Unsmoke Canada we think that together, we can achieve that goal.

We know we can help. Cigarettes have been our business for decades, it's time for a change. Our goal is to stop selling cigarettes, help #UnsmokeCanada and move Canada towards a smoke-free future.

What does Unsmoke mean?

Unsmoke refers to the process of removing all forms of tobacco and nicotine from your life and the lives of your loved ones. The best way is to quit smoking cigarettes and all forms of tobacco and nicotine use altogether. However, there are smoke-free alternatives which can eliminate combustion and potentially reduce the level of harmful or potentially harmful chemicals to which adult smokers who choose to continue to smoke are exposed.

Why not just stop selling cigarettes?

We don’t think that stopping selling cigarettes is an effective solution to stop continued adult smoking. Other cigarette makers would just fill in the void. Instead, RBH is committed to discouraging Canadians from smoking and replacing cigarettes with smoke-free alternatives as soon as possible for Canadians who choose to smoke. It’s a problem that we all have a role in solving, and when it comes to tobacco and nicotine, the best thing for all Canadians is to be informed.

The world is changing - It’s time to change with it.

It’s possible to rid Canada of cigarettes by 2035, but all of us will have to work together to get there!